If You Can Imagine It...

NMP Can Mold It!

At National Molded Products, injection molding is more than injection molding. It starts with designing, modifying, molding and manufacturing precision parts and products. It extends to going all out to provide superior quality, fair pricing and reliable delivery. Most importantly, what differentiates us from the rest is a commitment to molding personal relationships by taking a hands-on interest in our customer’s needs.

Any Part. Any Size. Any Volume.

Whatever your injection molding requirements, NMP has the knowledge and qualifications to produce it. Our injection molding credentials include a wide range of parts, products and solutions such as:

  • Plastic thread segments
  • Plastic paper clips
  • Consumer household products including containers and silverware trays
  • Trash can lids
  • Scaled down model collectibles and replicas
  • Outdoor utility box covers
  • Stethoscope belt clips and plastic handles for oxygen tanks

Our capabilities span many markets, including Automotive, Plumbing, Safety and Other Industries.

If you prefer honesty over hype, call National Molded Products at 440.365.3400. Or, submit a Quote Request.